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Enhancing Small Business Entrepreneurship with AI-Powered Business Analysis

Enhancing Small Business Entrepreneurship with AI-Powered Business Analysis

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Enhancing Small Business Entrepreneurship with AI-Powered Business Analysis

Part I specification... that was part 1, this is part 2.

Business Need Statement

Executive Summary:

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, the lack of precise and thorough analysis prior to launching a venture often leads to failure, wasted resources, and missed opportunities. Our proposed solution, inspired yet significantly expanded from the existing model of DimeADozen.aiopen in new window, aims to leverage the power of Generative AI (GenAI) to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with a comprehensive, multifaceted evaluation of their business ideas. This digital platform, through its GenAI agents, aims to simulate expertise across various domains essential for business success, thus aiding in a data-driven decision-making process.

Problem Statement:

The journey from a business idea to a viable venture is riddled with uncertainties. The absence of expert analysis and data-backed evaluations often results in entrepreneurs navigating through these uncertainties blindly. This lack of informed decision-making not only risks the entrepreneur's investment but also stymies innovation and economic growth.

Enhancing Small Business Entrepreneurship with AI-Powered Business Analysis
Enhancing Small Business Entrepreneurship with AI-Powered Business Analysis

Proposed Solution:

We propose a digital platform that employs GenAI agents, each calibrated to provide expert analysis across different spheres critical to business viability. These agents will process and evaluate business ideas against a multitude of metrics, delivering a comprehensive Business Viability Report (BVR). This analysis will furnish entrepreneurs with insights, roadmaps, and actionable recommendations tailored to their business ideas.


  1. Development of a Robust Digital Platform: Convert the outlined specifications into a functional application that addresses the articulated problem statement.
  2. Comprehensive Business Viability Reports: Create an avenue for entrepreneurs to purchase detailed BVRs which will be instrumental in informed decision-making.
  3. Customer-Centric Payment and Service Models: Establish a fair payment processing system and ensure equitable distribution of computational resources amongst our clientele.
  4. Privacy and User Agreement Protocols: Implement stringent user agreements and company assurances to foster trust and ensure the ethical use of generated reports.
  5. Multimodal Report Generation: Incorporate a variety of data representation formats such as images, charts, texts, tip boxes, block quotes, lists, and tables to provide a well-rounded analysis.
  6. Effective Marketing Strategies: Design and deploy targeted advertising campaigns, including compelling landing pages to attract and engage our target audience.
  7. User-Friendly Interface: Ensure an accessible, reliable, and user-friendly front-end experience with modern authentication mechanisms like password-less and OAuth login from major providers.

Business Requirements:

  1. Report Generation:
    • Develop a mechanism for generating, retaining, and displaying past BVRs for customers.
    • Ensure the reports are comprehensive, incorporating various data representation formats.
  2. Payment Processing:
    • Integrate a secure and straightforward payment processing system.
    • Develop a pricing model that aligns with the value provided and computational resources utilized.
  3. Customer Engagement:
    • Establish a system for collecting user feedback for continuous product improvement while adhering to privacy protocols.
    • Implement modern authentication systems to ensure a seamless user experience.
  4. Marketing and Outreach:
    • Create targeted advertising campaigns to drive traffic and conversions.
    • Develop engaging landing pages and other marketing collaterals to showcase the value proposition of our platform.
  5. Privacy and Compliance:
    • Draft clear user agreements and company policies regarding the use of generated reports.
    • Ensure adherence to privacy laws and industry standards.

This business need statement encapsulates the essence of merging technological advancements in Generative AI with the inherent need for well-informed entrepreneurship. The envisioned platform is not merely a tool but a companion in an entrepreneur's journey towards creating viable and successful ventures.

Technical Requirements

  • Oauth app ids and mechanisms
  • services hosting frontend
  • backend to talk to the message queue
  • message queue for report generation
  • database to store pii, sessions and report object urls
  • caching of report as object after storage
  • login to display reports
  • constraints on number of reports they can generate
  • retry or errors
    • mitigation
  • embeddings for relevant automatic contexts