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Building this site

Christopher GodwinTechnologysoftware developmentjam-stackLess than 1 minute

Building this site

Blog Aware Static Site Generator(SSG)

The decisions I made about the tech behind this site were equally about
learning, ease, quickness, git ops, use of git pages, and static site

I wanted all that in a single page application with the ability to make calls,
pull data and display it. So I fuddled around with a few things before landing
on vuepressopen in new window.

I've been using it for other projects and if the number of pages you have are
below 500, vuepress is an excellent medium. I use
vuepress-theme-hopeopen in new window which is resource
intensive on build but comes with a feature set that includes almost anything I
wan't to do.

Other options visted were Doccopen in new window,
Docusaurusopen in new window,
Eleventyopen in new window(Good for 1000s of pages) and
Jekyllopen in new window.

More information on these SSGs can be found at Jam Stackopen in new window.


I can build a container around the resulting static-site directly from node with
something similar to the following

FROM node:16-alpine
COPY . .
RUN yarn global add http-server
RUN yarn install --production
RUN ./node_modules/.bin/vuepress build .
CMD ["http-server", ".vuepress/dist"]

And right after I typed this, I went ahead and did it with the following

version: "3.9"  # optional since v1.27.0
    build: .
      - "5000:8080"