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Christopher Shaun Godwin

Christopher Shaun Godwin

Manager, Cloud, DevSecOps

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Generative AI Implementation

I have 2 years of experience using generative AI as a prompt engineer. With code I can implement anything you can imagine.


My leadership style is based on four key principles: trust, inspiration, coaching, and service.


Hybrid cloud and multicloud are slowly becoming the norm in enterprise IT


Deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications


Dockerized many applications.

Continuous Integration

Bamboo, Jenkins, Gitlab, You Name It!

Continuous Deployment

One of my best skills.

Reliability Engineering

Great at identifying and mitigate potential sources of failure

Architecture Design

Designing for Bushiness and Technical Requirements


Trust No One


My Skills Include Experience Staying Compliant with Regulations and IT Standards


I've owned and run my own businesses, twice.

Process Introspection

I define and edit technical and business processes

Development & Operations

The Magic is Dovetailing with Application and Infrastructure

SEO & Marketing

I've worked in marketing shops for 20 years, Both My Fathers Owned and Operated Printing Presses

Migration Planning

Making the Hard Stuff Simple


Experience Supporting Various Applications and APIs


Working for financial institutions for the last 7 years.

Linux Philosopher

I can write and think too